Are you ready to upgrade your outdated, low resolution television so you can truly view your screen in high-definition? Are you ready for a bigger TV to impress friends and family when the big game is on? We offer the tri-states most impressive selection of 4K, HDR, LED, OLED, and Smart TVs ranging in size from 43 to 85” from the world’s leading manufacturers! We have a TV to suit every customer’s personalized needs! Our expert sales staff will consult with you to determine the best TV for your budget to ensure your home viewing experience is as spectacular as possible.

Custom, Professional Installations

Our team of professionals have custom installed thousands of TVs in homes and businesses across the Tri-State. Our custom installation services include the following perks:

  • Mount Your TV

    Mount your TV in almost any place in your home, even over your fireplace! (Mount sold separately)

  • Integrate All of Your Devices

    We connect your TV to any other Home Theater components, such as Blu-ray players, soundbars, surround sound systems & game consoles!

  • Program & Update Your Devices

    After the TV is installed and all your devices are connected, our team programs your remote controls and updates all your devices so they run as efficiently as possible.

  • Hide Audio & Video Cables in Wall

    We seamlessly hide all the wiring from your AV components in your wall leaving a professional, sleek display.

  • Connect Your Devices to Wi-Fi

    We ensure all your devices connect to your homes Wi-Fi and work without issue.

  • Client Education

    Our team takes the time to explain the functionality of your TV and devices, so you feel comfortable operating them with ease.

  • Electrician Scheduling

    If your custom install requires an additional electrical outlet to be added, we schedule the electrician for you! Scheduling all the work at the same time allows your install to be completed quickly and with little interruption to your daily life.

A TV for Every Room

With our wide selection of TV sizes and skilled install team, we can place a TV in every room of your home. From the living room to the bathroom to the garage to the kitchen, let us connect you with a superior entertainment experience wherever you may want it. Maybe it’s a 24” TV in your kitchen to watch when you’re making dinner or a 55” TV in your garage to entertain you when you’re working at your bench. Any space, for any reason, Quest4 Electronics wants to give you exactly what you’re missing.

The Quest4 Difference

How are we better than our competition? Our expert team specializes in custom installs to make every customer’s dream TV and display a reality. We will connect your new TV to your existing networking system and components, to ensure all of your technology runs together flawlessly. Our team prides ourselves on strong attention to detail and dedication to our clients, which shows through in our follow-up and after-sale service. We service what we sell and we’re committed to making sure your equipment always runs smoothly and efficiently, we also offer extended warranties for those who prefer some extra peace-of-mind. With decades of experience, we’ve been using our knowledge of and passion for the industry to modernize homes and businesses all over the tri-state area. We are passionate about utilizing technology to enhance your quality of life. Let us show you why thousands of customers recommend Quest4 Electronics and our team for all of their consumer electronic needs.

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