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Make Your Home the Smartest Home on the Block

What makes a home smart? A Smart Home provides its residents comfort, convenience, energy efficiency and security at all times, regardless if anyone is home. It can anticipate your needs, alert you if something is out of the ordinary and be controlled remotely from wherever you are. Installing smart home devices has various benefits for the home itself and its occupants- convenience, time, energy and money savings and it is downright impressive!

Our team at Quest4 Electronics are the experts when it comes to smart home automation. We can make your home work for you, providing you with the convenience and luxury of a technology that you’ll have to see to believe. Our products deliver the highest quality in performance and reliability, matched by a team of professionals who are passionate about offering you the absolute best service money can buy.

Imagine This…

It’s 5:30am on a chilly fall morning, your alarm is set to go off at 6 so you can start getting ready to head to work. Your thermostat automatically begins to turn up a few degrees so the dreaded exit from your cozy bed is a little more bearable. The lights slowly begin to turn up as music softly fills the air. Your smart coffee pot begins to brew to a fresh cup so by the time you’re leaving for work it’s hot and ready for you.

You leave for work in a hurry, forgetting to turn off the bathroom light and close the garage door. You realize your accidents after you’ve arrived at work. Sitting at your desk, you pull up the control app on your smart phone, close the garage door and turn off the lights. A couple hours go by and a notification on your phone tells you someone is ringing your doorbell. You open the screen to see the UPS man dropping off a package. You speak to him through the intercom and ask him to please leave it inside the house, you open the app, unlock your front door and watch as he sets the package in your foyer and exits your home. You thank him and lock your front door.

It’s 5pm and you’re headed home from work. At the same time, your smart oven begins to preheat so you can easily start dinner when you get home. You walk in the kitchen and ask Alexa to run “cooking dinner”. Immediately, the lights turn up, music fills the room and you start to prepare a meal for your family. After dinner, you’re ready to relax with the family and watch your favorite blockbuster. You ask Alexa to run “movie night”. The music stops, window shades lower, the lights turn off and the TV turns on. Upstairs you hear your daughter’s TV still playing, you use the universal remote control to switch it off from the living room. After family movie night is over and you climb in bed, you realize you forgot to turn the thermostat down. You grab your phone off your nightstand, open the app and set it to the perfect temperature.

Convenience, control, security, energy, time and money savings- the benefits of this futuristic technology are groundbreaking. Stop by our store today to see it all in action and find out how you can transform your home into the smartest home on the block!

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