Whole-House Audio

Fill Every Room with Sound

Imagine having music fill every room in your home, masterfully streamed through virtually invisible in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, all controlled by an elegant wall-mounted touchscreen or keypad. Or maybe you prefer a complete surround sound system to take your viewing experience to cinematic proportions, accompanied by stylish, portable speakers placed strategically throughout your home and all conveniently controlled by an app on your smart phone. These are whole-house audio systems and this technology can be yours today.

Whole-house audio refers to a central audio system that distributes music throughout the entire home. The systems centralized setup allows for the only component necessary in each room to be the speakers. The system can be controlled through either a wall-mounted key pad or touchscreen, an app on a smart phone or a handheld remote. The centralized components that comprise the system can either be displayed in an impressive rack in your living space or neatly tucked away in a cabinet or closet.

Whether you’re entertaining a crowd and want music blasting from every room or everyone in your household prefers to listen to something different in their own space, a whole-house audio system provides the perfect solution for every occasion. Our team at Quest4 Electronics is here to guide you through how our whole-house audio solutions can work for you and which system is the best fit. Our team of highly skilled installers can professionally install speakers in every room with no exposed wires that blend seamlessly with the décor. We offer solutions to fit every budget and solve every need. No matter what your preference, the Quest4 Electronics team is here to help by providing the perfect atmospheric company in every room for every occasion.

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