Quest4 Team

A Team Built of Professionals

In December, 2015, Risley’s Electronics in Evansville, closed its doors. Many of these employees had more than 30 years with the company. This is when Mark Miller, President of PC Quest, Inc., met with Jerry Thacker, former Risley’s GM, and formed Quest4 Electronics. Together, Mark and Jerry brought in the entire Risley’s management , sales, service, and installation team. This venture merged hundreds of years of combined expertise in network technology with hundreds of years of combined expertise in A/V sales, service, and installations.

We have over 225 years of combined experience in designing home theaters, smart homes, and custom audio/video and surveillance installation projects for commercial and residential customers. We will ensure that your dream system becomes a reality.


Jon Baker

Purchasing Agent & Sales
42+ yrs. Audio/Video Experience

Support Staff

Marie Trotter

Andrew Hess

Corrie Crane

Sales Team

Jeff Worthington

2+ years Audio/Video Experience

Matt Hess

2+ years Audio/Video Experience

Custom Installation Team

Jason Forston

6+ years Audio/Video Experience

Eric Michalak

4+ years Audio/Video Experience

Gerry Morris

2+ years Audio/Video Experience